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David Tennant as Hamlet

Shakespeare is on my mind at the moment as next month I’ll be going on holiday to the Cotswolds and visiting Stratford upon Avon – and seeing an RSC production of  The Winter’s Tale while  I’m there. I was supposed to see an open-air forest production of the same play last year but we couldn’t go as my husband had (suspected) swine flu, so it will be good to see it this year instead.:)

Anyway, I was just thinking it would be nice to watch some Shakespeare productions on film to get me in the mood before going and I’ll probably write (hopefully short) pieces about anything I watch. Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for productions they especially liked. I recently liked the TV version of  the RSC production of Hamlet starring David Tennant, which has come up in discussion on a previous posting here – ok, so this is partly an excuse to post a picture of Tennant, who is one of my favourite actors, but hasn’t done much period drama.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney

Sorry to have neglected blogging again, but I’ve been busy at work. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail about the mini-series John Adams, as there are so many in-depth reviews of it already on the net and I don’t know enough about American history to do it any kind of justice – but just wanted to say that I liked it very much and found it compelling to watch. Despite winning loads of awards in the US, it was hidden away in a slot at teatime when originally shown in the UK,  and I missed it, but have now belatedly caught up with it on cable TV.

Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney are wonderful as John and Abigail Adams (I now want to read some of the couple’s famous letters), and, as with other HBO series I’ve seen, the production values are high throughout. There is a great cast including Rufus Sewell, Stephen Dillane, David Morse as George Washington, and many more. Director Tom Hooper also directed the Andrew Davies/BBC Daniel Deronda and the BBC Elizabeth I starring Helen Mirren, so he has a fine track record. 


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