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Scarlett Johansson in Girl with a Pearl Earring

With Colin Firth nominated for an Oscar tonight, I’m reminded that I’ve been meaning to write something about one of my favourite films of his – Girl With a Pearl Earring, directed by Peter Webber. I’ve actually watched it twice since starting this blog, but failed each time to write a full review, and now my memories have faded slightly again. So this will just be a short posting about a couple of the main points which struck me, and an excuse to post pictures .

For me this is one of the most breathtaking historical dramas to watch, with the colour, lighting, costumes and Eduardo Serra’s cinematography working together to create the atmosphere of the 17th-century Dutch paintings by artists like Vermeer perfectly. I have read and liked Tracy Chevalier’s novel, but this is one where the adaptation appeals to me and sticks in my memory more than the book. I first saw it at the cinema  – since then I’ve seen it on TV and the effects still work very well, but it was best on the big screen.


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