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Must admit I haven’t seen The Night Watch, the new BBC adaptation of Sarah Waters’ novel set during the Second World War, as yet – though I do hope to do so. It was shown a few nights ago in the UK.

However, the BBC TV Blog has kindly been in touch with me to ask me to pass on a link to a fascinating piece by production designer Martin Boddinson about how he converted the sets for Lark Rise to Candleford for the interiors in The Night Watch – a real challenge given the very different periods of the two dramas! I know a lot of people who visit my blog are fans of Lark Rise, so thought you might be interested in reading Martin’s piece.

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Someone from the BBC TV blog has just kindly got in touch with me – for anyone who hasn’t come across this, it is a blog where the BBC publishes behind-the-scenes posts from actors, directors, writers, producers, and others from TV shows. Anyway, they asked me to let people know about a new posting there, by Pam Downes, the costume designer for Lark Rise to Candleford. Season four of this popular series has just started showing in the UK. Pam has written about her work with the characters, and has said she’ll get involved in the comments and, as far as possible, answer any questions that people might have on the Lark Rise costumes.

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There was a report in the Guardian yesterday about how the BBC is making a new series of Lark Rise to Candleford, to be shown in 2010, despite plans to cut back on BBC costume drama.

I hadn’t spotted this news item, so many thanks to Susannah from Period Dramas.com for passing on the news.

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A Happy New Year to anyone who stops by to read this blog! I’ve been trying to find out what costume dramas are coming up at the cinema and on TV in the coming year. Here are details of a few I know about, though there are doubtless many more in the pipeline .

Lark Rise to CandlefordA new season of this has already started on BBC1, following on from the Christmas special. Must admit I’m not a big fan of this show, as I find it too sweet and chocolate-boxy – but clearly I’m in the minority, as it gets great ratings. I’m not sure when this will turn up in the US and elsewhere.


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