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It often frustrates me that so many TV adaptations of literary classics made in the 1960s and 70s aren’t available to be seen – so I was interested to see a news story in The Daily Telegraph about the rediscovery in the BBC archives of a version of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina first broadcast in 1961, starring Claire Bloom as Anna and a pre-Bond Sean Connery as Vronsky. This is being released on DVD in the UK next month. It was released on DVD in the US last year, so the master tape must have been found in the archives slightly longer ago than is being claimed in news reports. Anyway, I think it’s exciting to see a 1960s BBC drama being released, and am now hoping the same might happen for some of the other goodies which still exist – there are several older BBC adaptations which are available to see on a computer monitor if you visit the BFI mediatheque in  London, so there must be a hope that some of these could turn up on DVD in the future if there is enough interest!

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I’ve been thinking maybe I should add a few shorter postings on this blog about costume dramas which I saw a while ago – just getting down a few impressions before they fade too much in my memory. These won’t be full-length reviews, and I may still return to write longer pieces on the productions in question if I watch them again in the future.

One massively long series (I can hardly call it a mini-series) which I re-watched a year or so before starting this blog was the BBC production of War and Peace, starring Anthony Hopkins as Pierre. This was one of the first costume dramas I ever saw, aged  12 when it was first shown, and it made a deep impression on me at the time – I remember being absolutely mesmerised by it and obsessed with the character of Natasha, although Hopkins as Pierre was the performance which stuck in my mind, maybe because he went on to become so famous later.



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